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DAY 1 – Rome – Naples – Sorrento
This morning you will be picked up from your hotel in Rome, around 8am, and transferred to Rome’s Stazione Termini to board your high speed train to Naples.  Upon your arrival in Naples you will be transferred to Sorrento. Your destination today will be one of the most romantic and picturesque regions of Italy, the Sorrentine peninsula. En route you will pass beneath the awesome and mysterious shadows of Mount Vesuvius, which in 79 AD, destroyed most of the area and created an entirely new coastline with its cataclysmic eruption. As you travel along the serpentine coastal road, hovering over the turquoise Mediterranean Sea , called “La Sorrentina”, the views will be breathtaking.  Upon arrival in Sorrento you will check into your hotel: centrally located as Hotel Flora or similar 4****. Take a walk around the town and discover this little piece of paradise on earth.  The old historic part of the city is chock full of boutiques, shopping, outdoor cafés with music and free Limoncello tasting.  Dinner and overnight in Sorrento.

DAY  5 – Spoleto – Umbrian Cooking Class
Today, after breakfast, your introduction to classic Umbrian cuisine will begin around 10 am.  A hands-on experience beginning with the appetizers such as, Bruschetta and Salad.  Moving on to a sumptuous truffle sauce for the homemade pasta that you will learn to create today.  You will learn to make a “strangozzi” or gnocchi.  Afterward you will taste the fruits of your labor over lunch.  Later in the afternoon (approx. 3:30) you will have free time to relax or tour some of this magnificent city of Spoleto on your own. 

It all but disappeared in later centuries and was nearly extinct by the 1960’s.  Only in the late 1970’s was Sagrantino revived by a handful of winemakers who learned to tame the grape’s aggressive tannins.  Now, more than 2,400 acres of Sagrantino are planted in the region, producing a bold, earthy dry wine perfect for pairing with sharp, strong cheeses like Pecorino; black truffles; and meat-based dishes.  Today’s excursion will include an Olive Oil tasting, Sagrantino wine tasting and lunch.  You’ll return to Spoleto at approximately 2:30.  You will have some free time and dinner (on your own); overnight in Spoleto.

DAY 3 – Mozzarella Making Class
After breakfast, once again, a transfer will come to pick you up at 10 a.m. to take you to a typical CASEIFICIO (Cheese Factory) in nearby Sorrento.  A special tour in the factory will take place with an English speaking tour escort.  During this time you will discover and witness the production of Mozzarella and other typical cheese of this region.  The term mozzarella derives from the procedure called mozzare which means "cutting by hand"; that is, the process of separation of the curd into small balls.  It is appreciated for its versatility and elastic texture and often called "the queen of the Mediterranean cuisine", "white gold" or "the pearl of the table".  The classic “Mozzarella di Bufala” is made strictly from milk of the water buffalos.  The history of water buffalo in Italy is not settled.  One theory is that Asian water buffalo were brought to Italy by Goths during the migrations of the early medieval period.  Another theory is that water buffalo were brought from Mesopotamia into the Near East by Arabs and then introduced into Europe by pilgrims and returning crusaders. 

Sorrento and Umbria Cooking and Culinary Tour

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Upon entering the factory, each participant will receive a personal Kit with a smock, paper hat, and shoe covers to wear for sanitary measures.  Your visit will begin with some information about the first step of production, the milk.  Then you learn how they begin to process the milk step by step.  You will also be introduced to some other varieties of cheese apart from the mozzarella.  There will be time to also try your hand at making your own mozzarella.  Then, afterwards, taste the products in the “Tavernetta” of the factory; a relaxing place of with Orange and Lemon trees. We will have lunch at the Caseificio.  Later transfer back to the hotel with free time at leisure in the afternoon.  Dinner and overnight in Sorrento.  (Please be advised that the Mozzarella Factory is closed on Sundays, when planning your trip.)

DAY  6 – Montefalco
Today, after breakfast, you will set out on an excursion with an English speaking guide to visit the village of Montefalco.  Montefalco specifically, christened the “balcony of Umbria” for its dramatic hilltop perch, received little to no attention outside of Italy until recent years.  For many years Montefalco was a closely guarded secret among Italian wine lovers.  Good, cheap wine was too valuable to tell others about. But, inevitably, the secret leaked out and the bargains are gone.

The recent interest can be attributed largely to the slow but steady rise of the region’s signature Sagrantino, considered a fairly “new” red wine despite a long history.  Though small-scale cultivation of Montefalco's indigenous grape dates back to 1549 when monks used it to create a sweet sacramental wine.  

The compact historic center is a delight to meander.  The medieval streets are well-kept and the town maintains its ancient atmosphere. Medieval-era shops line up along narrow streets, still being used by artisans and boutiques.  Archways, stairways, balconies, and flower boxes decorate the alleyways.  Tucked away are loads of interesting shops, gelaterias, and delectable restaurants where you can sample the areas specialties.  Take a stroll along the antique protective walls on Via delle Mure, or meander the charming lanes like Via Monterone, Via Fontesecca and Corso Garibaldi.  The sloping Piazza del Duomo fans out toward the Cathedral, a 12th century church with a uniquely adapted "Umbrian style" Romanesque facade hiding a Baroque interior. 

This evening will be at the restaurant of the San Lorenzo Hotel with a celebration of your Umbrian Cooking Class graduation!.  Overnight in Spoleto.


DAY  7 – Spoleto
The famous but unpleasant cliché`, “all good things must come to an end”, unfortunately and accordingly also this unique escapade through two of the culinary capitals of Italy.  Today after breakfast you will be transferred back to the Spoleto Train Station for your journey back to Rome.  It is for certain that you will we be carrying not only many kilos of Italy in your luggage, but many memories of fun days, wonderfully interesting meals shared with friends, a bit more culture to add to your already cultured consciousness, but above all the recollection of an impressive and wonderful journey in Sorrento and Spoleto.

DAY 4 – Sorrento – Napoli – Rome – Spoleto
This morning, after breakfast, you will be picked up for the transfer to the Naples train station.  You will board your train bound for Spoleto in the north central part of Italy, in the region of Umbria.  There will be a change in Rome.   You will be picked up at the train station in Spoleto and taken to the hotel.  Upon arrival you will be welcomed with drinks and then a welcome dinner. 

Wedged among woods on a hillside, Spoleto is a nearly perfect medieval city with loads of charm in a beautiful setting.  Today it’s  a vibrant town with cultural opportunities and a perfect position for seeing central Italy.  Spoleto sponsors two important annual events; Two Worlds Festival (Festival dei Due Mondi), a celebration of art, music and theater; and the Spoleto Jazz Festival, which bring people from all over the world.  The mingling of cultures and artistic sharing gives Spoleto a stimulating and animated atmosphere. Overnight in Spoleto.

This Unique Cooking Class Tour is designed for groups of 15 maximum passengers 
Operating from April though October — 7 days / 6 nights

DAY 2 – Cooking Class
After breakfast a transfer will come to collect you, at 10 am, for a short drive to a typical farm in the hills of Sorrento.  Upon arrival you will meet the owners under the characteristic “Patio” adorned with lemon and orange trees.  A brief chat with the owners, who speak English, will give you  ]a bit of their family history before beginning the class.  You will visit the farm with its livestock, gardens, and cultivation and production of vegetables, fruits, olive oil and wines.  You will discover the traditions of the Mediterranean area’s typical products.  After the visit the cooking class will begin.  You will have a “hands-on” lesson in the art of true Sorrentine cuisine, after which you will all sit down and eat the products of your labor for “pranzo” (lunch).

Cooking Class Menu
Bruschette and Frittelle (typical antipasto of the region)
Pasta: Gnocchi (popular pasta of the region)
Pollo alla Cacciatora (Chicken)
Insalata (salad)
Dessert: Crostata

Later, you will be accompanied back to your hotel; perhaps now a typical southern Italian “pisolino” (nap) might be in order!  You will have free time to discover even more of this fantastic pearl of the Mediterranean. Dinner and overnight in Sorrento.